U.K Nursing Recruitment Service

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http://samayabrokers.com/about-us/ 1. Register with Amari. #10,000 Registration fee applies.
2. ‎Supply us with copies of your Nursing Certificate, license and other documents.


http://peponiresort.com/camping/ We will help you with the following:


3. Complete simple online job application form at our U.K Agency website.
4. ‎ Apply to register with the U.K Nursing and Midwifery Council.
5. ‎Apply for English language exception from the NMC.




1. Our U.k Agency will shortlist and invite you for an interview within 2 weeks

2. Attend Skype interview

3. A job will be offered to all successful candidates.




1. We will offer you VISA assistance.

2. Make a standard visitors VISA application to take NMC exams in the UK

3. Travel to the UK to write the U.K Nursing and Midwifery Council’s CBT and OSCE exams.

1. Travel to the UK

2. Attend your chosen training package

3. Stay at our onsite accommodation


Starting work


1. Complete registration with NMC

2. Hospital will provide you a LOC for a tier 2 VISA

3. Return to your own country to apply for a tier 2 VISA

4.. Come back to the UK on a tier 2 VISA and start work

5. Pay our fees (750 pounds) in easy instalments.




We offer recruitment service, training, accommodation, travel advice, visa guidance and continued support for up to 2 years to help you establish yourself in the UK




We offer all inclusive package to help you start your career in UK. Job, training for your exams, VISA guidence and accommodation.




Service fee of #200,000 apply. You will pay us a deposit upon registration and pay the balance when you start working in the U.K but must provide a guarantor. This fee excludes embassy fee, flight ticket etc


UK Agency fee


You will pay 25% of the total fees of 1000 pounds on your arrival in UK. The remaining fees is paid when you start working in easy instalments.




You may get up to £2000 relocation payment when you start your job.




Brief job description


Jobs will be within the NHS hospitals. All jobs are full time (37.5 hours / week). Wards operate on various shift systems. Usual shifts are of 8 or 12 hours. Ward manager and deputy managers will offer guidence and support.




Basic pay for the full time emplyment (37.5 hrs / week) is around £1500 /month after deducting all taxes. You can opt to work extra shifts for additional pay. Tier 2 visa allowes you to work for up to 20 hours extra per week. You are entitled for 27 days of annual leave and 8 days of public holidays per year,




English Exam. ( You can apply for an exemption from English exams. We will guide you) Part 1 NMC exam (CBT) Part 2 NMC Exam (OSCE) will be taking in the UK.


You will provide you with exam preparatory package for practice as soon as you register and deposit for the program.

We will help you to get an exemption from English exam. 9 out of 10 nurses manage to get exemption.
Alternatively, you can take OET (Occupational English Test)
Exam fees: £130
Venue: Worldwide locations
Training: We offer 3 weeks course for this exam in the UK



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Relocation solution for overseas doctors and nurses.




Est 2005


The Agency have been providing training and recruitment service for overseas doctors to relocate to the UK for over 12 years and now expanding our service to nurses. For the first time in the UK, our institute has put together an all-inclusive peace of mind package for nurses. We will guide and support you through every step of relocation to the UK. Due to the Brexit, a lot of European professionals are leaving England and this has created a huge shortage in workforce. We believe, this is the best time for an overseas nurse to come to the UK.




We have over 12 years of experience in training and recruitment.




Team of nurses, doctors and support staff




We offer recruitment service, training, accommodation, travel advice, visa guidance and continued support for up to 2 years to help you establish yourself in the UK




Committed Team




Overseas Nurse Training Programme Lead


Kate is a senior nurse and is the lead trainer. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching.






Surya is a consultant psychiatrist and has over 15 years of experiencing in training overseas doctors and other professionals.




Clinical Skills Trainer


Alia is a senior nurse and clinical skills trainer. Alia has been involved in training nurses for over 10 years.


Sonal is your point of contact. She is always happy to help




When can I apply for the job?


You can apply for a nursing job in the UK now. following Brexit, there are many vacancies within NHS and we are now recruiting overseas nurses for these positions. The only eligibility criteria is that you must have completed the nurse training in English. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


How long will the whole process take?


Whole process may take up to 5 months but you will travel to the UK within six weeks.
We will shortlist and invite you for an interview within 2 weeks.
VISA processing will take at least 4 weeks
Part 1 and Part 2 of the NMC exam can be completed within 3 months


Can I take CBT (Part 1 of NMC exam) in my own country?


Yes, CBT exam is held in many countries. You can take CBT in your own country and come to UK, 4 weeks before the OSCE exam to attend training. We recommend you to come to the UK for both part 1 and part 2 of the exam to ensure success.


When should I come to the UK?


If you are successful in the interview and have been offered a job, then we recommend that you come to the UK as soon as possible. You can take all exams here in the UK. This will speed up the whole process and guarantee you success. The whole process may take up to 4 months.


If you wish to shorten your stay in UK then you could take english exam and CBT (part 1) in your own country and come to UK 4 weeks before the OSCE (part 2) exam to attend training.


Do I need to take English exam?


You can apply for an exemption and we will guide you through the process. Many nurses get exempted. Alternatively you can take OET (Occupational English Test). We offer 3 weeks training for OET and this will cost you an additional £500 including 3 weeks of accommodation fees


How much will it cost me?


Breakdown of cost:


English Test: £130, CBT test: £130, OSCE: £992, Nursing Council application and registration fees: £290, Visitor VISA fees: £120, Tier 2 VISA fees; £400. Hospital will pay you up to £2000 towards your relocation costs when you start your job. Please note that these fees comes in stages. You psy some if these fees before writing your exam, some at the embassy, some for the exams and the NMC membership fee.


Will you gurantee me a job?


We will conduct an interview and make an offer of employment. You will have a guaranteed job prior to your travel to the UK.
This job is however offered on a condition that you pass OSCE exam and secure registration with NMC


What documents do I need to produce


You need to provide documents of your qualifications and experience to NMC at the time of registration after passing OSCE. You also need to provide these documents to your employer.